Citrix DaaS – Reasons you should use Citrix Cloud and CSP licencing

1. SQL Backend is included in Citrix Cloud.

If you have multiple resource locations on premises traditionally you are wanting multiple SQL servers for your Xenapp Sites back end. Moving to Citrix Cloud leverage to get a cost effective solution. Have you checked how much SQL costs in Azure?

2. High Availability (Citrix Cloud management firm)

All infrastructure is HA (Highly Available). Your Desktop Delivery Controllers (Brokers), license Servers, Studio, Director, SQL. Think of the comparable cost with IAAS or on premises….and now a single SKU included licences and infrastructure in monthly subscription model.

3.Automatic Patching and Always Latest Software

Automatically upgraded to latest Citrix versions. All infrastructure is automatically upgraded. Citrix takes care of this for you eliminating the need to plan patch management. Hotfixes and Security patches are not yourworry when it comes to the infrastructure components.

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