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Are You A Services Provider?

Microsoft SPLA enables our partners to offer a varety of software service to end users:

  • Access to 3rd party software,
  • Platform infrasture services,
  • Web hosting,
  • Steaming media services,
  • Specialised line-of-business applications,


  • Monthly consumption reporting, cost effective, cash flow optimized.
  • No upfront cost,
  • Version flexibility,
  • Expand your business with specific price offerings available to your academic end customers,
  • 60 day trial period for each new deployment,
  • Include your affiliates under a single agreement.

Quick Tips for Micorosft SPLA

How is Usage Managed?

SPLA, as with most Microsoft licensing, is a predominantly trust based system and Service Providers simply report back your software usage to us on a monthly basis. This means Service Providers must be aware of how Microsoft products are licensed (by user, by processor, by core) and how their hardware infrastructure can impact what must be reported.

Flexibility on Scale Up and Down

“SPLA monthly licensing gives us the flexibility
to scale our software licensing fees up or down to better meet our specific needs. We pay for just what we use.”
Dan Manley, Director of Finance and Accounting, Essex Crane

How to Purchase SPLA

The options for purchasing SPLA in the HK are much more limited than other forms of Microsoft licensing, please feel free to contact and book a free consulting section.

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